Frequently Asked Questions

When should I contact Mike’s Moving & Storage to request my quote?
Please provide as much time as possible but you should try to contact us at least 3-4 weeks prior to your intended move date.

What is a pre-move survey?
A pre-move survey is completed by a member of the Mike’s Moving sales team. This is a walk through of your residence to determine the size of your shipment. At this time please be prepared to show us what items you intend to include in your shipment. This step generally takes about half hour but is critical to the success of your move – it helps us to determine the best method and mode of transport as well as any special needs your shipment may require.

Can I move my pets?
Mike’s Moving & Storage does not provide any pet relocation services.

Do you move automobiles?
Yes. After our sales team has completed the visual survey, we generally assess the relocation requirements to determine if the vehicle is to be shipped via a third party carrier or if the vehicle is to be included in with the household goods.

Do you provide storage?
Yes we can arrange for storage either at origin or at destination. If your move overseas is temporary we can arrange for long term storage in one of our safe and secure warehouses. Just let us know and we’ll provide you with the information needed to best suit your storage needs.

Can I pack myself?
If it is within your relocation budget, it is highly recommended to allow our experienced staff to pack all of your household belongings. This will ensure that all proper techniques have been used to protect you precious belongings. If you are packing to relocate to another country you can contact our office for further details.

How long will it take to pack and load my shipment?
Every shipment is different but on average most shipments can be packed and loaded in 1 – 2 days. We can advise how many days would be required once the pre-move survey has been completed and the size of your shipment has been determined.

Are there items I cannot take with me?
Yes – these items include but are not limited to food, wine, alcohol, liquids, corrosives, explosives, flammables, narcotics, firearms, and ammunition. If in doubt, please ask and we’ll let you know if the item in question can be included.

What is the difference between “restricted” and prohibited”?
Most countries have restricted and prohibited items. Restricted items are those that are allowed with additional costs and permits. Prohibited items are illegal and cannot be included at any time.

Will my belongings be insured?
Within the moving industry, we provide Valuation Protection to cover your shipment in the event of damage or loss. You are charged a premium based on the value you declare (based on destination replacement cost) for your shipment.

What does “Door to Door” service include?
All of our international shipments are door to door. This means we will provide all packing and loading services at origin and all transportation from origin to your new home at destination. This also includes all unloading, unpacking to the nearest flat surface and removal of all packing materials from your home on the day your shipment delivers.

What does “transit time” mean?
This is the time from when we load the shipment from your origin residence until it is delivered at your new residence.

When do I pay for my shipment?
Once we have the actual weight of the shipment we are able to calculate final charges. Final charges must be paid prior to the shipment unloading at your new residence.

What payment options are available?
We accept cash, bank drafts, money orders, certified cheques, visa, or mastercard.