Coverage Options


One the most important decisions you will make concerning your relocation is the amount of coverage to place on your goods. We have included the following so you can make the decision that is best for you.

Released Rate Value

Carriers are required to establish a limited liability which is included in the transportation rate at no additional charge. Most use $.60 per pound per article. You must be aware that the $.60 per pound is not for the entire shipment, it is only on the articles which may become damaged in transit. What this means is that if you choose this option and your television that weighs 75 pounds is damaged, you would only receive $45.00.
We never recommend that our customer’s use this option.

Full-Value Coverage

Each order we service is based upon weight. The valuation coverage is based upon $10.00 per pound of the entire order. This means if you have a 7,500 pound shipment that your coverage would be at least $75,000.00 of coverage, if you choose this option. There is a charge for this valuation.

Local Options

Full Replacement Coverage

Mike’s Moving can provide full replacement valuation coverage depending on your declared value on your shipment. The fee involved will be determined at the time of scheduling your relocation.

Other Considerations

Do not assume your homeowners insurance will cover your goods
 while being transported.

Mike’s Moving will work with you to find the solution that meets
 your needs.

And of course, you are always welcome to contact any of our customer service representatives for assistance. We’re here to help.